Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is a project that I was working on with some others over the past couple of months. Tune in at 7 p.m. Wednesday the 24th to for live coverage of the Regent University Film Showcase featuring that project!

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You can still see The Best Gift on the big screen today! Order tickets online at or by calling the Performing Arts Center box office at 757.352.4245 (Or just watch it online) I'll be going to the show of course. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

An old friend, I just met...maybe.

     Well.  It's been sometime since I've posted anything to this dusty worn out blog of mine. It feels like I've been working day and night for months now but now all that has come to an end. "What am I talking about?" you might ask. Well, I was recently invited to work on a project, by a friend, with some students at Regent University and I REALLY enjoyed myself. Regent has a lot to offer it's animation students and I could see that they all didn't take it for granted. Though their faces were all smiles and the room was filled with endless laughter you could sense the serious undertone that permeated through.  One day they would have to leave the safety of the walls that helped forge the talent they possessed within themselves and they knew it. Brisk conversations of what to do next after graduation sporadically peppered the atmosphere while working on finals and mid-term projects. I loved every second of it. The subtle clicking of computer mice and keyboards and the quite hums of the wonderful computers brought me back to times that I, myself, was pondering what tomorrow would bring and if I had what it took to survive in the "real world".

     I always went by what "felt" right but I never did sit down and ponder the realities of my situation. I was an excellent student, no question, but superior academic know-how and raw talent would only take me so far. I still feel like I need to hone and fine-tune the gifts I have to offer the world. Unfortunately the world saw it differently. I was jettison into the workplace (of course not in my field of interest) at a young age. Slowing acquiring and learning "real world" skills and what it really means to be a professional at any craft. I eventually became a graphic designer at a screen-printing company. I really do like working there but being an "army of one" gets tiring and lonesome after awhile. Sooner or later fatigue starts to wear you thin. It was around this time the unique opportunity to help a friend out appeared.

     While at Regent, I met several talented individuals that all jelled very well together as a team. It was very refreshing to see that it can be done, ha. (LOL) I've grown accustomed to being in a dysfunctional, hap-hazardous, "if it sticks" type of team. The temporary departure from reality was needed. It was almost like a vacation except you had to work...*sigh* When did work become my form of a vacation? I really need some time a month or two, but in the meantime I will enjoy each moment of peace as they come. In the midst of all the "hot and cold" moments of these past couple of months I saw a beacon of hope and promise.

    I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.. :P