Sunday, July 29, 2012

The POWER of Inspiration

Behold the Power of Inspiration.
The spirit of Student Showcase 2012 is all around us. It is that spark of creativity or the unique ability to evoke an emotion. This is a celebration of the best student work … and where the collective passion for all things animation shines bright and clear.

As an artist, inspiration is a major contributing factor to what motivates me to become animated to be able to create and design. It's that driving force that allows me to go the distance to make my visions a reality.

It's been sometime now since I last posted something on this blog but I've recently been inspired to create something new. I did plan to attend Animation Mentor awhile back but due to financial problems was unable. Now with the dark clouds turning blue it seems I'll be back on track pretty soon and you will be able to witness some animated creations from me. Stay tuned for animated goodness. :D 

Enjoy the video of those who have gone before me.

Monday, January 30, 2012


In my free time (which is hardly ever) I enjoy reading up on "behind the scene" stuff and articles related to CG production. For me they always give me a feel or insight of the actual work involved on such projects. This article is pretty good. Not very informative as others that I've read in the past but still good nonetheless.

When I was younger I did watch Tintin (it was very good, ha) and this looks like a good movie adaptation of it but you can never judge a movie from it's trailer nowadays. Anyone seen it yet or wants to see it? What's your opinion?

Saturday, January 28, 2012